3 Things you didn’t know about the International Society of Appraisers

Getting a certified appraisal is arguably the most important step in the process of selling or auctioning a valuable item such as jewelry or an antique. But how does one determine how to select a knowledgeable and honest appraiser? The International Society of Appraisers is an administrative body that trains and certifies appraisers and ensures that individuals who are qualified to appraise any range of valuable goods conduct this profession. If you have never had anything appraised or if you’re new to the auction world, you may be unaware of this organization and what they do. However, this body of professionals is the most qualified and reputable agency in the world when it comes to appraisal. If you’re ready to part with an item and you’re looking to get a price that’s honest, an ISA-certified appraiser is who you’re looking for. This organization has a rich history and a dynamic effect on the auction world- let’s take a look!

Let’s check out the history and philosophy of the largest, most trustworthy body of appraisers in the world. Here are some little-known facts about this renowned institution:

The International Society of Appraisers was established in 1979. The organization is comprised of independent appraisers in the United States and Canada who boast the highest levels of training in the art and science of personal property appraisal. Because the organization exists primarily to promote honesty, integrity, and knowledge ability within the realm of property appraisal, it is an entirely not-for-profit venture. That means that all standards for members are based on best practices for appraisal, not on what will generate the most profit for a member. When choosing to use the services of an International Society of Appraisers certified professional, you can be sure that they earned their ISA credentials due to excellence and hard work, not through paying a fee to beef up their résumé.

The ISA performs a lot of functions, and what they are most well-known for is their training and certification of personal property appraisers. However, ISA members do so much more, including taking the stand in court proceedings! Court officials call upon certified appraisers with the ISA in both civil and criminal cases. The professional members of this organization are so highly trained and skilled in their craft that they have been called upon to testify under oath about artifacts within their area of expertise. These ISA-certified members have helped the courts make rulings because they adhere to the philosophy of knowledge and integrity. The ability to participate in a court proceeding and offer expert witness testimony makes the case that ISA members are great judges of value.

The members of the International Society of Appraisers don’t just value books, they crack them too. In order to facilitate professional development and advancement in the field of appraisal, the ISA offers certification courses. Some of these courses are in person, some are online, and some are even freely offered via web seminar. Individuals can sign up for certification courses in subjects like an oriental rug, autographs and historical documents, and fine arts appraisal. For any area of interest someone might have, the ISA offers a course in the appraisal of that class of items. This means that sellers have numerous options when it comes to choosing an appraiser for their goods. If you’ve got a rare Elvis autograph, you can find someone who can authenticate and set a fair value for it. If you have a collection of paintings from an estate, there’s a fine arts expert out there who can help you price it. For every type of property, the ISA has certified an appraiser- or dozens- who specializes in it.

Even if you’re not looking to sell an item, an appraisal is always a smart move to make in protecting your most valued possessions. For example, you may never dream of parting with your favorite pair of vintage diamond earrings. Even so, it is vital that you get fine jewelry appraised for the purpose of insurance. The vast majority of insurance companies won’t pay out for items damaged, stolen, or lost without having a certified appraisal value for them. Regardless of your reasoning for getting an appraisal, choosing a member of the International Society of Appraisers is the best strategy. The owner of the Four Seasons Auction Gallery (FSAG), Charles S. Farr Jr. is a certified member of the ISA, but his credentials are even more advanced than most- Mr. Farr is also a Certified Appraiser of Personal Property (CAPP), the highest designation the ISA offers. What this means is that the owner of Four Seasons Auction Gallery is one of less than 110 people to earn the honor of this title. The most prestigious certification from the most prestigious appraisal body qualifies Mr. Farr to accurately and honestly appraise a wide range of items. If you’re looking to sell something unique, insure your valuables, or get into the auction business, don’t settle for less than an expert appraisal- the Four Seasons Auction Gallery is the place for you.