3 Reasons to Put Antiques on Consignment

Private sales are a popular option for many individuals looking to cash in on high-end antiques, fine art, estate items, or other collectibles of value. It’s hard to get a fair price for your precious items with this method, however. Private sales can be soured by fraud when they’re done in unsecured online auctions. Even if they seller does use a legitimate auction platform to sell their collectibles, without years of experience and intimate knowledge of the auction market, it can be hard to find the auction that will fetch the best price for their items. Fortunately, the option to sell antiques, art, and other collectibles on consignment through a reputable auction house means that sellers can always acquire the best value for their items.

Four Seasons Auction Gallery offers consignment services in order to help our clients and sellers get the best price for their collectible items and antiques. Some consignment programs can result in disappointment or even regret because they don’t operate with the seller’s best interests as a priority. We do things differently here- when selling on consignment at Four Seasons Auction Gallery, you’re tapping into our expert knowledge of the auction market and a vast network of connections to high-value buyers. Here’s how selling on consignment with Four Seasons can benefit you:

The owner of Four Seasons Auction Gallery, Charles S. Pharr Jr., has over twenty years of experience in the industry. Mr. Pharr started his career operating a thrift store and currently owns an antique store, an art gallery, an auction house, and a classic car auction. His experience means that he has the knowledge and access to find the best possible market for any item on consignment, from antique furniture to art. His in-depth expertise on such a diverse range of items and experience in selling everything from thrift items to high-end collectibles means that no matter what you consign, Four Seasons will find the best place to sell it. With over 18 years of experience in the industry, our connections with auction clients open up a world of possibilities for a profitable sale.

Mr. Farr is also a certified appraiser with the International Society of Appraisers (ISA.) He also is the proud bearer of the ISA’s highest level of certification in appraisal expertise. Less than one hundred and ten people in the entire world hold the same honor. What this means is that our appraisals are always conducted with the most accurate, honest, and fair system available. The expertise applied to each appraisal means that your items on consignment will never be undersold, that you will always be able to choose the best insurance coverage for your valuable items (insurance companies won’t pay out on policies without an appraisal), and that you will never have to wonder whether or not you’re making the highest profit possible on the sale of your collectibles.

We don’t just appraise your items and store them in a warehouse to collect dust. Each and every item is treated with the utmost care and marketed to auctions and buyers with supreme skill. Each item put on consignment is photographed professionally on-site so that it can be marketed to a vast network of online, live, absentee, and phone auctions around the country. Each item is also listed with a detailed description on every platform by experts in antiques and collectibles. All goods on consignment are cataloged in an inventory system and a separate auction database to ensure that they are tracked at every step of the journey, from consignment to final sale. Our marketing campaign and advertisement is customized based on each item or set of items and dispersed to a worldwide market of auction buyers. Every item that you place on consignment with Four Seasons will be marketed to the maximum number of high-value buyers and will be treated with individual care by our staff as we find the best buyer for you.

If you want to take advantage of the expertise, experience, and global marketing opportunities that come with selling antiques on consignment through Four Seasons Auction Gallery, call our team of professionals today at 470-589-1653.