Why should I Consign my Jewelry

There are many reasons why you may want to sell your jewelry. They might include a need for cash, getting rid of pieces you no longer wear or that were given to you by an ex-partner, or selling off the estate of a loved one. However, unlike other items, finding the right venue for this type of sale may prove to be a little more difficult. That’s why many people choose consignment when they are ready to part with unwanted or unneeded jewelry.


If you choose to sell your jewelry yourself, you may not know how much each piece is worth. This can mean settling for less than you deserve or pricing yourself out of the market. When you choose consignment, an expert is on hand who can come up with a reasonable price.


Collectors and jewelry enthusiasts know where to look for the pieces they want. When you choose a reputable place to sell your jewelry for you, chances are they have connections with those enthusiasts. This opens up access to buyers you never would have come in contact with if you sold it on your own.


If your jewelry once belonged to a loved one who has passed away or was given to you by an ex-partner, parting with it can be upsetting. Because you aren’t doing the physical sales, consignment may make it easier.


Selling anything, especially online, can be dangerous these days. Valuable jewelry may attract criminals looking to rob you when you meet in person. Handing over the responsibility means keeping yourself safe.


If you did opt to sell your own jewelry, you have to take the time to create an advertisement, do extra research to determine how much each piece is worth, and then meet with potential buyers. Allowing someone else to do the work frees up your time to focus on other important tasks.

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