The Process of Selling Consigned Goods at Four Seasons Auction Gallery

There is a range of options for selling estate items, collectibles, antiques, or any other objects of value. Some sellers prefer to go to auction, while others use the process of consignment. At Four Seasons Auction Gallery, consigned goods go through a time-tested process before being brought to market. Here’s how it works:

When a someone makes a deal to sell items on consignment, they are essentially agreeing to have another entity market and sell their goods for them and collect the profits once the sale is complete. At Four Seasons Auction Gallery, we don’t just accept items and throw them in a storage area; we make a concerted and professional effort to bring all consigned goods to the appropriate market in order to sell them at the best, most profitable price for our clients. The process for accepting and selling consigned goods at Four Seasons is as follows:

When a client brings items in for consignment, we first do a professional appraisal of the worth of the items in order to offer them at a price that’s fair to both potential customers and to the seller. Our appraisals are done by International Society of Appraisers-certified professionals, such as our owner, Charles S. Pharr Jr. This part of the process ensures that our clients receive fair compensation for their consigned goods.

Each item that is given to Four Seasons Auction Gallery on consignment is valuable and worth protection, which is why we have a streamlined inventory and database system for tracking consigned goods. Once the item is received, our cataloging staff gives it a unique identification number which is entered into multiple databases, all of which are backed up. Through this process, we can ensure that consigned goods don’t get lost or damaged.

One of the most important aspects of ensuring that consigned goods fetch fair prices at auction or through private sale is marketing them appropriately. We employ professional photographers who are experienced in creating images that accurately convey all of the details and look of each item we receive on consignment. All of the consignment goods in our inventory are photographed and listed with detailed descriptions on auction databases around the world. With over twenty years of experience in the world of antiques, our owner Charles S. Pharr Jr. has extensive market knowledge about which platform is the best option to sell each good.

All consignment goods at Four Seasons Auction Gallery are marketed to a network of buyers that have worked with us for years, and for this reason, these items are directed toward the best possible venues for sale. We have connections with over 16,000 buyers and collectors worldwide, which allows us to find the best buyers for every good we have on consignment. We also use auction hosting sites as well as social media platforms to market consigned goods to a wider audience of potential buyers.

When consigned goods go to auction, we offer live, phone, Internet, and absentee bidding to guarantee convenience for buyers and collectors. This increases the chances of a sale, encourages participation in auctions, and increases the chances of high profits from the sale of your consigned goods.

Once your items are sold, we will notify you, and you will be ready to collect your money. With a worldwide network of potential buyers and collectors, your items will always find a home and turn you a profit through consignment services.

Consignment is an increasingly popular option for sellers, and there are countless companies that offer consignment services. Why choose Four Seasons Auction Gallery? Well, what we do differs from the status quo and ensures better service and higher profits. Our professional team is experienced in cataloging and marketing consigned goods, ensuring that they are presented well. We also have over two decades of experience in sales, which has led us to develop a global network of contacts with potential buyers. Through utilizing this network, we ensure that consigned goods reach the most desirable buyers and obtain a good sale price. Our multiple auction options also allow us to direct goods to the appropriate market and encourage buyer participation. With Four Seasons, you will always get the best sale price for your consigned goods. For more information on our consignment process, call 470-589-1653.