The INS and OUTS of Auction Estate Sales

You may be wondering if auction estate sales are the best way to get the antiques, fine art, classic vehicles, jewelry, real estate, motorbike, boat, or other items that you want or need. Or, you may simply be wondering how auction estate sales work because you are interested in getting rid of a few potentially lucrative items. In either case, learning more about how auction estate sales work will make you feel confident enough to find the auction items and auction gallery that you desire!

Estate sales are events in which a family will sell entire items in a household. This is either due to death in the family and an overwhelming amount of possessions, downsizing, or moving. During an estate sale, each item is priced with a ticket and can be purchased by anyone, much resembling the process of a garage sale. Individuals can either place sold stickers on the items they wish to purchase, or pick up the item and pay for it immediately.

On the other hand, auction estate sales differ greatly from your average estate or garage sale. Firstly, instead of being held in a literal estate, auction estate sales are held at galleries that hold the auctions, like The Four Seasons Auction Gallery. Secondly, instead of goods coming from a single estate, auction estate sales include items from many different individuals, places, and organizations. Lastly, rather than a ticket pricing system, items are sold to the highest bidder in an auction setting.

Pricing: Estate sale items are usually priced by a limited number of people. These individuals may be professional appraisers or they could be part of the family selling the items. Either way, you never really know if you are getting a good price for any particular item. With an auction, the only price set is the minimum bid. Items are sold to the person willing to pay the most for the item.

With an estate sale, if you are one of the last ones through the door, you may have slim pickings on the items because other individuals have already purchased the most wanted goods. Additionally, many estate sale operators will allow friends and family to choose items before the estate items are open to the public for purchase. However, with an auction estate sale, everyone present has a chance to bid on every item, if desired. This provides you with the entire selection of items, instead of just the leftovers.

Estate sales are in person only. With auction estate sales and the growing potential for technological advancements made possible through the internet, individuals can bid on items from the comfort of their own homes. The Four Seasons Auction Gallery provides online auctions on a number of sites including Hibid, LiveAuctioneers, and AuctionZip. Instead of finding an estate sale at a residence you have never visited, an auction estate sale eliminates the hassle of traveling.

Estate sales mostly consist of items of a single household or family. But, auctions are comprised of items from multiple sellers. For individuals who would like to cash out on goods, auction estate sales can be a lucrative investment. To ensure that the seller gets what they deserve, items are first appraised by our certified appraiser with the International Society of Appraisers in North America, Charles S. Pharr Jr. Then, if sold at auction, the seller gets a pre-determined percentage of the profit. Additionally, if individuals are overwhelmed with putting on their own estate sales, we can clear the estate of sellable items and help with liquidation in a matter of a few days. This means you won’t have to go through the estate sale process but can still benefit from your estate items.

All of our auctions at The Four Seasons Auction Gallery are held in our 5,000 square foot gallery which is intended to hold a number of bidders who wish to attend. To view and plan to attend upcoming auctions, please visit our website. Or, if you wish to put your items up for auction or wish to sell items of your own estate, we can help! Contact us today to find out what The Four Seasons Auction Gallery can do for you!