How to Successfully Auction Antique Items

Antique items are one of the most popular and sought after collectibles found at auctions. If you have antique furniture, art, or even pop culture collectibles, there is a market in which your items can be auctioned for a substantial profit, provided that you follow a time-tested process and work with knowledgeable professionals in the industry. Looking to market antique items and sell them at a price that matches their worth? Here’s how!

Prior to bringing any antique items to auction or sale on any other platform, it’s important to ensure that they are kept in mint condition or that they are well cared for. This means having a general knowledge of your inventory and taking care to preserve any antique items you wish to sell. Depending on the materials, date of manufacture or creation, and general wear and tear, the right preservation regimen will differ. Antique items should, as a general rule, be kept in a safe place, protected from the elements, and free of any dirt buildup or moisture damage. Generally, it’s a good idea to store antique items in a protected area like display cases, a storage unit that is regularly checked up on, or a clean, sheltered attic or basement that provides shelter from moisture, pests, or other elemental factors that can damage items.

It can also be a good practice to invest in furniture protectors or to engage in regular maintenance, such as polishing of antique silver. Pop culture items, such as limited edition comics or books, should be left in their original packaging or covers to maintain their sell value. Any time and energy spent in preserving the quality of your antique items will be reflected in the final sale price and can increase profits by a high margin.

In order to get a truly accurate and fair assessment of the worth of any antique items, it is absolutely essential to seek a professional, certified appraisal. Most insurance companies will not cover items that have not been appraised under their policies in the case of damage, loss, or theft. Getting an appraisal is a vital measure to protect yourself against loss of antique items.

In addition to being necessary for insurance purposes, appraisals are an essential step in the auction process for antique items. Certified appraisers are trained in assessing the value of a wide range of items, from Victorian-era furniture to fine art pieces to heirloom jewelry. Depending on their training and any specialty they may focus on, appraisers can give a highly accurate estimate of the worth of a variety of antique items. When selecting an appraiser, it is important to seek the services of someone certified by the International Society of Appraisers, a global professional society that ensures adherence to standards of appraisal.

In order to direct your antique items to the correct market and to sell them for a fair price, it’s necessary to know their worth. Appraisers are neutral, certified, and experienced professionals who can give an accurate assessment of the worth of your antique items, as well as which auction markets will be the best option for finding an ideal buyer.

Once your antique items have been appraised, working with a reputable auction house can help you find the right market for sale and can assist with attracting potential buyers. Any auction house offering to bring your antique items to sale should be able to market those items, through professional photography, accurate and relevant listings at auction events, and contacts with a network of buyers. Your items may be featured and sold via an online or live auction, and potential buyers can often opt to bid via telephone or absentee bid. The mode through which your items are sold and the auction platform they are listed on will usually depend upon the auction house through which you sell. They should be able to determine the best market for your items and reach out to buyers interested in your particular category of antiques.

No matter the origin, type, or history of your antique items, it is important to select a reputable auction house if you are interested in selling via this route. Four Seasons Auction Gallery offers professional appraisal, consignment, and auction services to sellers. Our owner has been in the business for over twenty years and holds the highest level of certification from the International Society of Appraisers. If you are interested in selling your antique items through a reputable and well-established auction house, call us today at 470-589-1653.