OUR CONSIGNOR HAS JUST INSTRUCTED US TO TAKE THE RESERVE OFF! Antique vintage Pepperbox: “Pepperbox” revolving pistol, c.1830s, .32 caliber with six, 4 inch early style ribbed barrels. This is the medium size Allen Pepperbox that found favor as both a pocket pistol as well as a holstered belt weapon. These were early competitors to the Colt and Remington revolvers, which found favor with the “49ers” of California Gold Rush fame, western pioneers as well as with urban dwellers in need of a repeating firearm for self-defense. Many were carried as private weapons on both sides of the Civil War. Examples in fine condition are rare as these handguns were often used for “daily carry” by their owners. This is an exceptional example that has never been cleaned or restored in any way. North American Auction Company sold an identical revolver with rust and obvious wear & tear. It was sold on for $500. The pepperbox being auctioned today is in good condition especially given it’s pre-civil war age. Other similar 1830’s dated pepperbox pistols in this condition have sold for $3000 and more. The trigger and hammer work perfectly as does the barrel movement. As an authentic antique vintage firearm, it doesn’t require an FFL or registration. This pepperbox also has factory markings. A great piece of American history and a fantastic gift for the upcoming holiday!

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Shipping Terms:
Items can be picked up on the day of the auction when the auction ends. In addition the items can be picked up at the auction house 10am - 3pm the following day of the auction. If you cannot pick up items during that time, call us to set an appointment to pick up your items in the first week following the auction. Mon - SAT, 10am -2pm.

For Small Items and Most Artwork: With your permission by email we are glad to provide the free service of taking items to the UPS Store. We will go to lengths to take your items there safely but we are not responsible for damage. To date, we have had no damage.
We use Store #3477
Address: 3446 Winder Hwy Ste M, Flowery Branch, GA 30542
Phone: (770) 297-8946
Once the items are taken there UPS is your contact for shipping and they will contact you.

Freight Items: We do not ship.items. PLEASE NOTE, ALL ITEMS NOT PICKED UP WITHIN 30 DAYS OF AUCTION WILL BE DONATED. Here are some of our preferred freight shippers for you to contact.

Ronnie's Moving & Storage
Owner: Ronnie Walker
7410 Marilyn Ln.
Houston Texas 77016
[email protected]
[email protected]

RB Shipping, LLC
675 Bluff Street, SW
Atlanta, GA 30310
office: (404) 524-9122
mobile: (404) 441-4994
Hours: Mon. - Sat. 8-6 EST
For Quote Request:

RickShips, LLC
641 West Ward Ave
High Point, NC 27260
office: (336) 887-0065
fax: (336) 887-0025
For Quote Request:

Craters & Freighters
Phone: (678) 819-5502 or (888) 474-9671
[email protected]

Navis Pack & Ship
Contact: Ted Hooper, (404) 355-1871
Quotes: [email protected]

Since you do not handle shipping, who contacts the shipper? Can you do it for me if I pay extra?
Unfortunately, we are unable to contact shippers on behalf of buyers. Please note that you must contact your shipper directly to arrange payment and services. We only release merchandise to the shipper, or delivery agency of your choice, after the item has been paid-in-full. Our address for the shippers to pick up from is
Four Seasons Auction Gallery
470 Woodsmill Rd
Gainesville, GA 30501

How do I have my merchandise released?
In order for items to be released to a shipper or delivery agency, please notify us of your arrangements in writing via e-mail.. Since we want to ensure that merchandise is released to the appropriate party, we cannot release items by phone.

Are you open on weekends? May I pick up before 10AM or after 5PM?
Since we have a small staff, and are quite busy after an auction, items must be picked up at our Gainesville, GA location during normal business hours (Monday-Satruday, 10AM to 2PM). We do understand that sometimes items may need to be picked up at a different time and will try to accommodate if possible. Please contact us to schedule a pick-up time if meeting normal business hours is impossible. If not picking up on the day of the auction or the following day you must make an appointment to pick up. Items not picked up within 30 days after the auction will be donated.

Will someone from Four Seasons Auction Gallery help me load my items into my car/truck/van?
Generally, it is the responsibility of the buyer to handle the pick-up of merchandise due to potential liability. Please factor this into your pick-up of very large/heavy items. If we have guys there however, of course we will help.

Can you remove glass from frames, items from bases, etc., for the shipper to pack?
Like loading items for customers, altering or removing parts of an item for a shipper or delivery company is not something that we typically do due to liability. However, if such a situation occurs, we ask that you submit your request in a written statement prior to the handling of your merchandise.

Can I use a different shipping or delivery company than the ones on your preferred list?
Absolutely. You are welcome to select whatever company or individual you would like to ship or deliver your items.

Why are shipping estimates so expensive for my merchandise?
Please note the following when factoring your packing/handling quotes:
•The majority of the shipping cost is typically the packaging/handling cost.
•Generally speaking, it is difficult to find shippers that will handle your items without a base handling fee, i.e. even if an item is small, it will be subject to a minimum handling fee, determined by the shipping company of your choice.
•Since the shippers are out of house and are less familiar with the items, at times, you may pay slightly more, or less, based on the shipper's calculations of an item's weight and/or dimensions.

What should I do if I have difficulty with a shipper?
At Four Seasons, we are very committed to customer service and getting items to buyers. As such, we will assist in the process should you have difficulty with a given shipper. If you are having trouble getting a response back or encounter another issue, please let us know so that we can try to help resolve the issue.

Items left for more than 30 days will be sold for storage unless other arrangements in writing have been made with Four Seasons Auction Gallery.

December 8, 2019 1:00 PM EST
Oakwood, GA, US

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