5 Unique Celebrity Auction Items

For collectors and individuals with specialized interests, auction items present a world of opportunity. Goods for sale at auctions run the gamut of collection interests, from classic fine art to rare pop culture items to strange and macabre artifacts. For people who love celebrity culture and pop culture, many events feature auction items that cater to their interests. There are multiple opportunities every to acquire the unique and valuable memorabilia once owned by the world’s most famous celebrity icons. Check out the five most desirable celebrity auction items that have recently made their way to the block:

Even the most ordinary of items becomes infused with priceless value when it’s owned by a celebrity famous for their contribution to the arts or society. No one wants an old discarded t-shirt or a bitten food item, but when it has recently belonged to a famous person or that bite was taken by a celebrity jaw, the value of these items skyrockets. Here’s a list of the five most intriguing celebrity auction items that have been bought and sold in recent history.

No, not the Rolling Stones. William Shatner, of Star Trek fame, suffered from one of the most painful conditions known to humanity: kidney stones. Shatner turned his pain into funding by selling one of his very own intact kidney stones at an auction in 2006. It sold for 25,000 dollars, and all of the money was donated by Mr. Shatner to Habitat for Humanity. Turns out that medical problems can actually make pretty valuable auction items- if you’re famous for captaining the USS Enterprise. It seems that, as Captain Kirk would say, “a little suffering is good for the soul!”

Elvis Presley was nicknamed “the King” for his cutting-edge dance moves and rock n’ roll style. At some point during his career, someone cut a lock of his hair off, possibly during his days in the Army. That hair was priceless due to Elvis’ massive influence on pop culture and music. It sold in Chicago for over 15,000 dollars to an enthusiastic Elvis buff and joined an impressive private collection of Presley-related memorabilia.

In 2011, Japan was hit by a devastating Tsunami. Celebrity musicians came together to donate auction items to a charity event in order to raise money for the massive relief effort the tragedy required. Katy Perry donated the cupcake-shaped trampoline featured in the music video for her song “California Gurls.” It was bought for 5,000 dollars by a collector, and the money was sent to help victims impacted by the tsunami- a sweet donation for a sweet cause.

J.K. Rowling became world-famous for penning the Harry Potter series, a set of books about a young wizard who goes to a magical school and defeats the evil Voldemort with the help of some friends. While she was writing the first two of the seven books, Ms. Rowling sat in one particular chair. This chair was sold at an auction in New York in 2016 for a whopping 394,000 dollars, along with other auction items including rare books. No word on whether the buyer was a wizard or a Muggle.

Marilyn Monroe was an icon of beauty and culture before her untimely death in 1962 at the age of thirty-six. Just months before her death, in May of the year 1962, Monroe performed for another icon: President John F. Kennedy. Marilyn sang the now-famous “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” to Kennedy in Madison Square Garden. The dress she wore during the performance originally cost around $1,440. In 1999, however, it was sold at auction for 1.26 million dollars, and most recently re-auctioned and sold for nearly five million dollars to a bidder in Los Angeles.

The items listed above would have been pretty hard to duplicate- there’s likely no way to reproduce Marilyn Monroe’s dress and try to sell it as the original without someone calling your bluff. However, for non-celebrity owned items of value, such as antique cars, heirloom jewelry, or historical artifacts, proving authenticity is the most vital part of getting a fair price for the item, whether you’re buying or selling. In order to insure valuable items, you will need a certified appraisal. This is a vital step to take to protect yourself from losing priceless possessions. Before selling or buying any auction items, make sure to obtain a certified appraisal or appraisal certificate so that you can be assured that you are getting or paying a fair price. If you need an honest, knowledgeable appraiser, Four Seasons Auction Gallery can assist. The owner of FSA holds the highest certification possible from the International Society of Appraisers, and we can help ensure that any of your auction items appear in the right markets and that you always get a fair price. Call today at 470-589-1653 for assistance.